January 2012

January 2012

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Extinctions underestimated

  • “Current forecasts probably underestimate climate change impacts on biodiversity by neglecting competition and dispersal differences.”

Whales for sale

  • Should we put a price tag on species? Its a heated debate, doesn’t our environment need a monetary price tag so we can highlight the benefits of keeping it to political and economically minded individuals who might have no regard for biophilia. We will have to find out sooner or later.

Colour vision aids the hunt

  • “Primates with three types of colour receptor in their eyes capture more insect prey than those whose eyes have two.”

Who knew that the Archaeopteryx was black (95% sure)

New evidence on the colour and nature of the isolated Archaeopteryx feather cool stuff.

Citizen scientists’ climate-impact survey wraps up

  • I think its great to see citizens getting involve with recording data.

Women in business: Finding a way in

Some quotes

  •  “In the United Kingdom, for example, 15% of businesses are led by women, yet women account for only 7% of entrepreneurs in science, engineering or technology fields”
  • “Women don’t ask for opportunities and they undersell their abilities and expertise”
  • “women miss opportunities because they don’t know how to take advantage of their scientific credentials”

Reach out about climate

  • “2011 was a bad year for political progress in tackling climate change.”
  • “Two challenges face those who communicate the science of climate change to the public. The first is to make the messages from models and observations as vivid as possible while maintaining scientific probity “
  • “The second is to find the right ways of conveying uncertainties without losing grip on the central, generally agreed, conclusions. Training in communication is advisable (see, for example,climatecommunication.org).”