Natures Wild Creatures

Picture say 1000 words

Some of the weird and wonderful creatures I have observed around the world. WHY NOT STUDY ECOLOGY? It means studying the world and all its species

From the great barrier reef to africa plans, I have been lucky enough to have seen some amazing wildlife . From riding horseback though the Daintree rainforest, seeing a family of elephants and a calf come to the watering hole for a drink in Kosovo national park Kenya. Seeing great white sharks, along shark alley, in South Africa. Following baboons marching the fynbos. Watching fynbos birds busily pollinating. Feeding dolphins, parrots, cockatoos, sparrows and elephants, hugging koalas (they are unexpectedly heavy).Seeing whales of the Newcastle coast Oz. Swimming in the rainforest waterfalls and old volcano lakes. Watching ants from Dorset wood ants to green butt ants in Cape tribulation OZ. Handling a swallow to ringing a sparrow. Surveying silver spotted skippers in the Chilterns, silver studded blues in lands end cornwall UK. Ostrich and baboons invading into tents in De Hoop SA. Having a bushbaby interrupt your diner. Diner with a stagbeetle, praying mantis and night tiger snake.Following ants from trees to the nest with a tape measure.Dolphin pod off Noosa Head. Sea eagles flying over. croc watching. Emu and kangaroo talking. Surveying breeding birds in Bucks. Garden butterfly watching I ended up with a dragonfly sunbathing on my toe and a caterpillar on hand. Finding out that elephants can stop traffic. Three types of ticks on your sleeping bag biodiversity at its best. At home in the tropics of the rainforest, the savannah, fynbos, grasslands or simply lying in the garden. Charging young male elephant, Dawn leopard, Hermit crab collecting everyday as a child in Menorca, Es Gras.You kind of get that I like wildlife from ants to elephants, I’m not picky.