“Less stuff, more happiness” will benefit you and biodiversity

This talk by Graham Hill reminds us that we surround ourselves with stuff but when we are often the most happy is when are have little stuff (for example Camping or on holiday). With our consumerism causing greater stress than ever before on the environment and natural resources, we often don’t have time to reflect and control our own minds and our consumer choices. If you go into a shop you mind is bombarded by advertisements, reductions, bargains and new products. Then when we come out of the store with bags full, our consumer minds have been shaped and manipulated into finding purpose and reason into the buying products, we so often not actually need. We have to start defending our thoughts and taking a step back; think of all the stuff you have at home already and only if the product is truly ubiquitous of your health and happiness does a purchase become truly viable purchase.

Life edited: Tree hugger website http://www.treehugger.com/tag/lifeedited/

Gives excellent examples of ergonomic design that should become mainstream now and into the future. Lets design things to last for a lifetime, not just a shopping trip.