Who are scientists?

Untitled A man tweeted this picture that his daughter had draw of a scientist.

The tweet was as follows…

“My daughter (age 8) draws a scientist. Amazing how the white-haired bearded male thing is engrained so early pic.twitter.com/iSOlNjlz5c”

And that got be thinking, before I went to university I probably had a very same stereotype of who a scientist was and suppose to be as this little girl.

“Old man, lab coat, white beard, hopelessly organized with optional elbow pads.”

Where, what and who ingrains us with this stereotype of scientists are all old man.

When I was looking at universities my dad and me went on a road trip around the country (we calculated about 900 miles round trip) to visit three UK universities.

And yes I saw a couple of the A-Typical scientist types in the older red brick universities.

Surprising that was one of my reason for choosing my University was the Lecturer’s, Professors and Staff that I spoke to on that open day, they were normal down to earth passionate people about what they study and do.

When I started University it became clear that Scientist were AWESOME normal people  (not all bearded old men shock horror- stereotype broken).

We need to break these stereotypes, especially the one that men do science. Women do science too.

The majority of scientists that I have meet are  not only inspiring but extremely clever, funny and lovely people. The women particularly are trully inspiration and supportive.

We all have the responsibility to change this science sterotypes so that another generation aren’t stuck with these assumptions that a science career is for boys not girls.