Data of my working week

As I am a number nerd, I think a lot about my own data.

I thought I would have a quick look and see how far I can make my analysis my own data to help me make better working week decisions about my time.

Questions I wanted to ask:

  • Do I travel to long?
  • Do I have enough spare time?
  • How much wasted time do I have?
  • An I getting enough exercise?
  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • How far to I travel a week?
  • Where could I get to with the distance I travel in a week or year worth of miles from my working week?

I took my working week and calculated the hours I spent doing particular activities. As I believe I spend to much of my week traveling . I like that my sleep is healthy after watching this ted talk (see below). It would be interesting to see how my data pattern changes over time.



I travel

268 miles per week
12596 miles per year

Distance from London to Sydney


Russell Foster: Why do we sleep?