Not just science: Art.. 80 and counting

Officially I have created over 80 paintings and drawing (nearly all of them owned by other people and most produced over the last 5 years).

When I made the decision to study science, leaving my art education behind at A-level, I thought that art would and could help get me through  the hard times of studying science and it really has. Painting and drawing has helped my relax and re-focus. Seeing as I studied ecology most of my painting are animals, aiding my understanding observation of new species  in fine detail that I wouldn’t have otherwise not discovered. I managed to give all my art away to good homes using my art website-

Now I find it a lovely way to unwind and forget about the world with a paintbrush in my hand. Science and art aren’t mutually exclusive. I am disregarded by many when I say I am a scientist, I am expected to be uncreative but I know my Salvador Dali from my Monet.  Many scientists are just as creative ever more than artists . They need themes, concepts, new techniques, inspiration and hard work to establish their careers just the same. It was wasn’t long ago that science and art was nested together from Leonardo to Rembrandt. In Leonardo‘s time studying the human anatomy was done in secret as it was against the law. The famous shape surrounding god on the Sistine chapels ceiling, suggested Leonardo had been in these secret anatomy dissections because it looks very similar to the shape of the brain. By Rembrandt‘s time scientists were painted discovering the world around them. Science and art have a long history together and long may it continue.

To drive my point home.. I lived 2 years at university with art students. My housemates reproduced Rembrandt’s Anatomy lesson.


My Art…

number art
1  Butterflies double canvas
2  panda
3  horse
4  bear
5  elephant
6  penguins
7 elephant
8  waterfall
9  hippo
10  bear
11  owl
12  long-tailed tit
13  lioness
14  dunnock
15  lion small
16  tiger drawn
17  zebra crossing
18  lighthouse
19  wave small
20  wave small square
21  beach boat
22 woodlands
23  thresher shark
24  abstract snail
25  deer
26 pelican
27  sunset waves
28 wave big
29  season trees
30  frogs
31  canal boat
32  cornwall
33  hippo drawn
34 doodle
35  water drawn
36  doodle brown
37  butterfly purple
38  racoon
39  grey lag geese
40 mountain goat
41  gannet
42 lion large
43  dorset lulworth
44  fruit bowl
45 abstract forest
46 big abstract
47  telephone boxes
48  abstract gold
49  blue big
50  ocean 1
51  ocean 2
52  doodle white
53 Matisse
54  doodle white square
55  red hot chilli peppers
56  yellow
57  Tamarin
58  sunset yelllow
59  tiny sunset
60  tuna
61  fish
62  wire man 1
63 wire man 2
64  underwater
65  snowleopard
66  flower daf
67  flower red
68  flower time
69  parrotfish
70  lemur 1
71  lemur 2
72  butterfly
73 wedding beach
74  tiger
75  abstract big
76  sunset
77  zebra
78 monkey
79  elephant tiny
80  dorset studland
81  me lion
828384  charcoal nightvineyardocean 3