TOP Tweeters

 Who are the TOP UK Female Conservation/Ecology Scientists?

Follow these amazing female scientist, based not on the bias of the author but a formula (yay data). Calculation of a twitter index was used to find, and for us to follow and celebrate, these inspirational women.

So on February 2013- I set up this form to ask female scientists in the twitterspere to calculate their twitter index.

Twitter Index= Number of Followers x Number of tweets UK twitter

(I did attempt to do this for all female scientists on twitter but I didn’t get as many responses for other fields (and as a conservation ecologist it made more sense) so I focused on conservation and ecology individuals.)

I understand this twitter index is very simple. And I am sure that writing a formula to minus retweets and replies or the additional recognition for tweeting at science conference, about lectures and papers. It would be a much more accurate approximation, I am sure, but this will involve me writing a complex code and sometimes the simplest formulas are the best.

If you want to be added your twitter index please fill in the form, I am still collecting and would love to do this for other fields.

These are the twitter index responses I received (and some additional ones) and here are the results.


  1. @SarahMDurant Senior Research Fellow @ Zoological Society of London
  2. @nhcooper123 Leader of the Macroecology and Macroevolution Research Group @ University of Dublin
  3. @Pettorelli Institute Research Fellow @ Zoological Society of London
  4. @ProfKateJones Joint UCL and ZSL Chair Ecology and Biodiversity @ Zoological Society of London
  5. @RosieWoodroffe Senior Research Fellow @ Zoological Society of London
  6. @juliapgjones Senior Lecturer in Conservation Biology @ University of Bangor
  7. @hannahmrowland Junior Research Fellow @ University of Cambridge
  8. @ClareEmbling Lecturer in Marine Ecology @ University of Plymouth
  9. @AChauvenet Research Assistant @ Zoological Society of London
  10. @GMMace Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystems @ University College London
  11. @marion_pfeifer Post Doctorate @ Imperial College London
  12. @sara_marine Marine Biology Teaching Fellow @ Newcastle University

Congratulations to these scientist and I hope they continue promoting conservation science and ecology through twitter.



Further Analysis– because I am a data scientist it only seems right to add some graphs. Here is  the interaction between the number of tweeter and followers which were multiplied to get the scientist’s twitter index.


Figure 1. Number of Tweets and Followers as of 10/04/2014 by Top Scientist Tweeting Index Rank.


Figure 2. Top Tweeting Female Scientist Institutes in Ecology and Conservation

Congratulation goes to the Zoological Society of London – KEEP IT UP!!!