GITHUB getting started

I am now on github trying to upload all my R code I have to share and also help me centralise my coding.

Currently everything is public whilst I learn how to use it.

What is github? My main reasons include

  • Collaborative code review.
  • Field-tested tools for any project.
  • Integrated issue tracking

Useful resources I have found so far…

Feel free to follow me on …

Github Plan

  • Upload all graphical code including ggvis and new packages testing chunks to hello-world
  • Upload developing automated reporting project code to AutoReport
  • Upload modified fishery stock assessment code which makes automatic graphics of the ICES fish stocks. StockG UNDER- DEVELOPMENT for need ICES download 2014 and package development
  • 3Dplot this is a self-development project to get more experience with map reporting and data visualisation.
  • I also have some other old projects that I would like to develop as an open-source project of which I have converted with permission the origanl codes from C and Matlab to R.

If you are interested in these projects contact me via github.