Review of 2014

I love to learn and I also love new challenges. So most years I have a list of dares (challenges/learning experiences) (& also boring things-life isn’t all about fireworks) that I dare to complete within the year.

Successful challenges from previous years include….

I believes that fears are there to be overcome. For example I am scared of heights so a few years along I took up rock climbing. Every week sometimes twice, up and down the rock face. I learnt not only how to handle getting to the top of the wall and leaning back without crying. I learnt to trust my friends holding me up. Mind my friend Andy has a sense of humour and often liked me to fly back down the wall like an ungainly Peter Pan. The adrenalin rush I have got to say wasn’t that bad.

I am also scared of flying but I force myself every year to get on multiple planes because of the amazing cultural and new experiences waiting at the other end.

So my dares/challenges for 2014…

  1. Learn to Dance- ACTION- Took up a ballroom beginner class and have now carried on into the improver class
  2. Climb a mountain– ACTION- Climbed Mont Baldo in the Italian alps and had lunch on to of the world
  3. Take a solo trip – (this wasn’t an original but it counts) ACTION- I travel solo to LA and took a surf lesson and spent an amazing time walking around the Getty museum.
  4. Go to my first festival– ACTION- Went to latitude festival 2014 my friends lovingly drop me off at the literature tent and would pick me up later but I did enjoy the comedy, Shakespeare, dance and musical but failed to see the main act. I prefer the niche maths joke by Festival of spoken nerd were only two guys and me in the crowd laughed when the comedian did a neat little sum with an identity matrix.
  5. Never stop running- ACTION- Run! Haven’t stopped yet!
  6. Live in the moment– ACTION- Say yes to new experiences
  7. Reassess my life goals– ACTION- Complete
  8. Sort out my pension– ACTION – Oh the joy of adult life

The left-overs old coding projects, write a will, join an improvised comedy club, go to China/Japan.

Other important things I learnt in 2014

  • I am an introvert not an extrovert. Ops I have been lying to myself for 25 Years. I am more specifically a pseudo(fake) extrovert. So convincing I fooled myself. Read Susan Cain – Quiet if you want to know more. I recommend everyone reads it as you can learn to see and understand some of your colleagues, friends and family in a whole new light.
  • I learnt my strengths and one that surprised me was Empathy. My strengths are Learning, Empathy, Achieving, being Responsibility and Activating. Highly recommend buying the Strength Finder 2.0 book and taking the test. All our lives a spent focusing on our weakness. We should learn to focus also on strengthening our strengths.
  • Life is too short to be miserable

2015 list of dares

  1. CODE HARD- like Die Hard only better! I miss coding and losing myself in numbers and letters. So will be set up and working on R coding projects in Github and try complete packs of universal code (adaish)
  2. Meet up with more like-minded nerds in coding, data and science
  3. Go to more musicals– just because its better than NETFLIX
  4. Join an improvised comedy club
  5. Learn the violin
  6. Write a will

Continue- Tweeting, Reading, Painting, Running, Travelling, Learning and spending time with people I love.