Awesomeness of Infographics

I love pictures! As an artist I believe that pictures definiately are the best form of communication when it comes to getting information across to a diverse range of audiences. But what are infographics and why are they so useful?

An infographic is (What wiki says?) a graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

I attended an online webinar by info.gram which is well worth listening to hear about the value of infographics I have summarised some of what I learn below.

The value of infographics

  1. 12x increase traffic to website
  2. 62% cheaper than other advertising methods

The popularity of infographics increased from none per week in 2008 to 500 NEW infographics per week.

Why is this?

Our attention span is getting shorter. 60% of use are visual learners. Combining those factors infographics seem like at logical powerful tool.

What is a good inforgraphic?

  1. Know your audience
  2. Choose your topic (trending, controversial, outliers)
  3. Be simple, unexpected concrete, credential
  4. Create a compelling image