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Alice Daish : Data Scientist at the British Museum (BSc MSC RSci MRSB); Co-Founder of R-Ladies Global; Mentor at R-Ladies London

“1st Data Scientist in a Museum”

Data has the power to change the way we make decisions, think and live. Everyone is talking about data science and big data. It a very exciting time to be a data scientist. Data has the power to change the world we just have to listen to it.

I love data, R, science and innovation.

Background :

1st Class BSc Conservation Biology & Ecology and School Commendation; MSc Quantative Biology (Merit); Registered Scientist;  Member of the Royal Society of Biology ; Butterfly Conservation Member, British Trust of Ornithology – Breeding bird surveyor, Co-Founder of R-Ladies Global, R-Ladies London Mentor, Improv Comedian.

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