Mindfulness Notes

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Magic 6

  1. OPEN – To new possibilities, To things changing, To life planning out in the way you would never have expected
  2. RELAX – your body, your mind, take deep breaths, fell tension dissolve away as you breath very slowly, consciously relax every point of your body
  3. SHIFT PERSPECTIVE – getting perspective is a shift in perspective, see that things you worry about don’t matter so much in the grand scheme of things
  4. TUNE IN – be conscious of what’s going on for you at every level and really feel it, without judging it and without ignoring it.
  5. TRUST – trust what you feel when you tune in or that the messages you get when you time in one valuable and true, pay attention to them like you would the words of a legendary guru.
  6. FOLLOW – follow whatever it is that feels right once you’re tuned in, if you trust that movement or feeling enough, you will feel it and express it fully in your life.


What do you love doing?

If you won the jackpot, say enough money for two years – what would you do with your time?

Work out what you love.

Use your imagination to find ways to make money out of what you love.

Use technology to make a difference.

  1. Learn to be fine with who you are, where you are, what life is giving you moment by moment. Learn that you can feel good now without going anywhere or doing anything about yourself
  2. Learn if you keep something you want in mind you’re very likely to get it.
  3. Combined 1 & 2 – begin life in which you’re fine with who & where you are but in this space of acceptance and gratitude, a desire arises for something else – gentle desire.

You want something..

  1. Be Clear about what you want
  2. Work out a plan (with steps) to get it
  3. Preserve and work hard on those steps in order to get it
  4. Not to give up


  1. Not happy – what you want doesn’t bring you happiness
  2. Its tiring
  3. Exclude spontaneity
  4. Want vs. need – what do you need? If you can answer it will save alot of time.

To be free but able to return.

Storage, Stuff, Memories, – You are free use your guts and courage.

Life is journey not a race.