Talk like TED

Notes from

Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

  1. Think Emotional – Unleash the master within. Identify your unique and meaningful connection to your presentation topic.
  2. What do you feel passionate about? – Not just your job. When asking yourself “What’s my product?” isn’t as effective as asking yourself “What business am I really in?” “What am I truly passionate about?” “What makes your heart sing?” “What is it about the industry that makes your heart sing?”
  3. “Stories is just data with a soul” Brene Brown TEDx Houston
  4. Storytelling – each story has a central theme or identity
  5. Communication Theory – Aristoles – 1) Ethos – credibility. 2) Logos – persuasion through logic, data and stats. 3) Pathos – act of appealing to emotions.
  6. Increase emotional appeal
  7. Increase stories, anedotes, and personal insights
  8. Storytelling – personal storied related directly to the theme, other people who have a lesson the audience can relate to, success or failure of a brand or product.
  9. Be inspired
  10. Give them a hero – at least one character they can roote for
  11. Captivate their imagination


How to … don’t deliever a speech have a conversation

  1. Help with planning
  2. Early Feedback
  3. Rehearse – passion, practise and presences
  4. Say so they listen – rate volume, pitch, pause.
  5. Tell a novel (tell me something new) story
  6. Believe in what you are saying
  7. Inform, educate and inspire
  8. Revial information completely new to your audience, packaged differently or offers a fresh way to solver a problem.

“It takes 10,000 hours to practise to master a particular skills.”

“Curosity is one of the most important thing you own imagination is a force that can actually manifest in a reality”

“Explore outside your field”

“Using a fresh lens will you be able to give your audience a new way of looking at their world”

“Deliver a jaw dropping moment” Bill Gates Mosquitoes

“Create the story before you open the tool”

“Emotional Charged Events”

“Memorable headlines – quotes/sound bites”

“Showstoppers end on a high”


Be Memorable – Listening is exhausting  because learning continually adding material to be remembered and recieved later cause cognitive backlog. Give them soft breaks – stories, video, demo and other speakers.

Recommended book – Will Power

Constraint is good for creativity – 18 mins rule

“If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough” Einstein

“Small is beautiful” – “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius and alot of courage to move in the opposite direction”

Courage – “Simiplicty is the ultimate sophication”

Power of 3

People remember 3 pieces of information really well.

Recommended book – 100 awesome things

Three A’s of awesomeness (Pasrich) Attitude , Awareness , Authenticity.

Vival Youtube – 1) Tastemakers, 2) Communities of participation, 3) Unexpectedness

3 ways brand lose control of ideaology

Message map

Step 1 – twitter friendly headline with 3 supporting messages


Pictures instead of text

Smell and Taste is hard to imagine – Sight, Sound and Touch is easier.

Average powerpoint has 40 words per slide but a TED talk has 40 words per presentation.

Recall rate after 3 days – pictures 65% recall, heard 10%. Pictures are 6 times more likely to be recalled. (Picture Superioty effect). Dual Coding theory (verbal and visual).

What do you want people to fell? Visual journey.

Pictures no more 40 words in total, no bullets killed, metaphors, anaologies, rich imagery are powerful ways to paint a picture in the minds eye.

Anaphora – repeating same words or words at the beginning or successive clauses or sentences will work.

Stay in your lane.

Be true to yourself.

Be Authentic and be yourself.