Getting Started with R

So maybe someone told you, “hey you should learn R ” or you have been meaning to get around to playing with it but there never seems to be any time at home or at work.

There is great value in learning it and the best thing you can do is  to get started.

How to download it?

The first thing I do with anything is google it . If you google “R” there are two things you need to download one is R itself and the other is R studio (the great frontend that allows you to get started you, you just need to download the right version for your computer system whether windows, mac or linux)

R’s versions have different names and associated number which can be confusing. Pick the most recent one and that should do you fine. The most recent version is 3.2.4 (very secure dishes).

Once you have downloaded R and R studio, making sure R is unzipped where ever you have stored it. Open up R studio, using the top toolbar select “Tools” and then “Global Options”. Within the pop out options under “General” (below) put in the location where you have stored R. Click “Ok” and “Apply”. Sometimes when you first open R studio a pop-up will ask you where you have stored R and all you have to do it tell it.




Now give it a test in the console on the top right put in “2+2” then press enter

They are some great course out there to get you started with R including

Introduction to R – Data Camp

R programming – Coursara

R – tutorial

R introduction and basic application in Big Data – University of Warwick  Free MOOC (also has a nice applied learning introduction to R if you haven’t got a data set you want to start with you can follow there instructions)

Plus a great online community especially on twitter and the community is very good at responding to questions.


Once you get a bit more advance and might have very specific question, I would recommend always google your problem first it is likely to give you a stackoverflow query that have been solved that you can apply. If not then stackoverflow or a tweet with a #rstats hashtag will get the people that may be able to help (even if they tell you to put it on stackoverflow)