Upskilling = Free Big Data and Data Science Online Courses #MOOC

There are some amazing free online course avaiable to anyone who wants to upskill and learn something new.

#MOOC – mass open online course

Data Science Toolkit – John Hopkin University – Coursara (the courses are free if you enrol on the module page click the option without a certificate)

Big Data – University of Warwick – Future Learn (highly recommend this course I found it very insightful)

Coming Soon – BIG DATA range of topics including data visualisatio – Queensland University of Technology – Future learn

Internet of things – Kings College London – Future learn ( highly recommend if you want to know about IoT and if your are thinking of starting a IoT project )

Making sense of data in the media – University of Sheffield – Future Learn (I wish everyone could know the basic of how media use data to confuse us, to help us distrust claims and media hype with bad maths)

Big Data – University of California, San Diego – Coursara (free opition is Audit only – course content but no coursework)