Big Data #MOOC Warwick Uni

I completed the 8 excellent 8 week Big Data MOOC by Warwick University hosted on FutureLearn

These are a similar of my learnings

Week 1 – What is big data?

  1. Interesting piece of research done by the educators about using google search data  indicating that countries with internet user looking forward into the future e.g. 2016 creating a future orientated index correlates with the countries GDP. Nature
  2. Crowd sourcing Urbanopticon to help londoners take more sceneric routes – Youtube Paper
  3. GoogleTrends and WikiStats can be used as datasets

Week 2 – Measuring and predicting behaviour with big data

  1. Nowcasting – predict colds spreading, visits from tourist, top of the music charts
  2. “Predicting consumer behaviour with web searches” – interesting study focusing on “box-office revenue for feature films, first-month sales of video games, and the rank of songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart”
  3. Smart Cities and Wearables
  4. WikiSearch Data accessible via 
  5. RCode to extract own data using RCurl and RJSONIO (TO BE LINKED)

Week 3 – Big data and the stock markets

Week 4- Big data, crime and conflict

  1. Predicting where crimes occur – using street network effect model
  2. Social networks in conflict – using how data from Facebook can be used to anticipate protest activity

Week 6 – Big data and health

  1. Adaptive nowcasting of flu using google searches

Week 7 – Big data and happiness

  1. Measuring Happiness – Social Survey Mappiness
  2. Facebook experiments with happiness of posts seen affecting – Study
  3. Predictablity of online behaviour and the consequences

Week 8 – Big data, mobility and disasters

  1. Counting crowds using mobile phones and twitter (Paper Video)
  2. Mining and Understanding Big (and Small) Mobile Data (Video)

  3. Using Flicker data from disasters tags
  4. Crowdsourcing mapping

Week 9 – Reflections

  1.  Cognitive bias for urban taxi driver routes