Top Tips

  • Buy a JR pass – you have to buy them in advance
  • Visit in blossom season march/april



Staying in Shibuya with the famous crossing

Day 1

  • Senjo-ji temple – free
  • Ueno Park – free (Worth wondering around the park with
  • Toyko National Museum – no free

Day 2

  • Akihabara – free (weird world not my thing)
  • Toyko Government Building – free ( amazing views of the city)
  • Harajuka – free walk around (cool streets and shops)
  • Meji Shrine – free (amazing tall trees and shrine)

Day 3

  • Travel day from Tokyo to Kyoto (3 hour train
  • Sit in D & E seats you might be lucky enough to see Mt. Fuji in the first 30 minutes of the journey.



Day 4

  • Travelled to Himji Castle (2 hour train journey from kyoto)  – beautiful white castle UNENSCO site

Day 5 -chilled day

  • Niskaki market
  • Yuskta shrine
  • Kyoto – Gion – you might see gieshus

Day 6

Kyoto to Nara (30mins from Kyoto train)

  • Nara Park – deer everywhere
  • Todai-ji temple – giant bubba in a temple

Day 7

  • Inari- Fushi Shrine (15mins from Kyoto stations)
  • Walk up the mountain (when you get the the stop mid way with three options take the right one up the mountain being to the two buildings and be carefull

Day 8

  • Travel day – from Kyoto to Nageno then to Yudaka
  • Staying in a traditional ryokan


Day 9

  • Jigokudani-yaenkoen
    • the snow monkey’s park so awesome
  • Travel back to Toyko – Yudaka to Nageno back to Tokyo


Day 10 – shop day back in tokyo


Reason why japan is a great place to visit

  • Quening
  • arrow and signs for where and when to stand
  • safe signs for pregant women
  • bus pay at the end of the bus journey
  • reserve seats on the train
  • room for luggage on the train
  • great leg room
  • mobile phone off not use on the street when walking
  • no jaywalking
  • slow walking and space between people
  • wide sidewalks
  • little pollution
  • cash holders for change
  • when paying they put the money on the side so you can see you get the right change
  • respect for older people
  • willing to help super friendly
  • flowers outside every house in kyoto
  • no graffeti
  • good food
  • love italian food
  • cartoon character for transfort and places
  • facemasks for illness
  • no smoking outside
  • warm toilet seats