useR 2016 Stanford

I was lucky enough to attend and present on the great stage in Stanford University at useR 2016. 4 days of tutorials and talk can by alot of information to take in but as only a data scientist knows if you slice it up it doesn’t seem so daunting.

Give me a summary in a word cloud


My useR Conference 2016 – Review Slides


So what was the best presentations?

Jenny Bryan – Spreadsheets

What was the funniest presentation?

Hadley Wickham (Yihui Xie) – Bookdown

What was the one think that you want to try out when you get home?

Don’t underestimate the power of colours

What talk inspired you?

Data Journalism – Andrew Flowers

Are the presentation available online? YES at or

Where is it next year?

@UseR_Brussels 4-7th July 2017

New Learnings

Data Camp – Learning and teaching



Shiny Gadgets