Beginning of R-Ladies Global

The short story of R-ladies going global

R-Ladies San Francisco

R-Ladies were founded on 1st October 2012. The R-Ladies San Francisco Bay Area group created by Gabriela de Queiroz . The first meet-up “Introduction to R for beginners and pre-beginners” started with 8 R-Ladies on how to get started with R.

After 4 years, over 30 events and more than 700 R-Ladies in San Francisco, Bay Area, R-Ladies San Francisco meet its younger sister R-Ladies London in June 2016.

R-Ladies London

Launching in March 2016, Chiin-Rui Tan set up R-Ladies London. Chiin launched R-Ladies London inspiring an audience of new R-ladies about achieving there Coding Potential. Chiin’s R-Ladies London then had multiple successful events supported by the london’s first R-Ladies mentor’s Alice Daish, Hannah Frick and Rachel Kirkham.

R-Ladies Global

On 27th June 2016 on a sunny day in the USER16! Conference in Stanford University, R-ladies from both San Francisco and London were brought together for the first time. Invited by the R Foundation Women in R Taskforce to present on R-Ladies, Gabriella told the story of how she had set up R-Ladies in San Francisco then Alice Daish and Hannah Frick [rladieslondon_user16_stanford-v3-pptx], R-Ladies London mentors presented on the R-ladies london aspiration of inspiring women to meet their coding potential and how R-ladies london has grown quickly.

With interest from the crowd and on twitter of setting up new R-Ladies groups, the two R-ladies groups were inspired and determined that R-Ladies should go global and the brand be aligned. With the deadline of the R consortium funding looming the R-Ladies San Francisco and London wrote in two timezones the “R-Ladies Alignment and Global Expansion” (Gabriela de Queiroz, Chiin ­Rui Tan, Alice Daish, Hannah Frick, Rachel Kirkham, Erin Ledell, Heather Turner, and Claudia Vitolo) paper in July 2016.

“The proposal (Full text) authors note that women are underrepresented in every role of the global R community; as leaders, package developers, conference speakers, conference participants, educators, and R users. They propose to address this issue through a series of practical actions that build on the success of the San Francisco and London R-Ladies groups in encouraging female participation. The team envisions the project unfolding in two phases. In the first phase, the team will identify the common elements contributing to the success of both existing R-Ladies groups, establish the “R-Ladies” brand and build a new centralized community infrastructure. The second phase will be devoted to managing the global expansion of the “R-Ladies” initiative through selective seeding of new groups around the world.”

Before the blog post or funding was even received the two groups were hard at work contacting the groups who has shown interest in setting up their own R-Ladies in their city, the starter kit, website, @RLadiesGlobal twitter and official R-Ladies email set up.

R-Ladies Global was born.

Co-Founder of R-Ladies Global – Gabriela de Queiroz, Chiin ­Rui Tan, Alice Daish, Hannah Frick, Rachel Kirkham, Erin Ledell, Heather Turner, and Claudia Vitolo