100 mile walk for Nic

We can all agree Cancer Sucks!

And it gets worse when it takes away someone close especially someone who is full of life and laughter.  That was our friend Nic!

Nic was funny, intelligent and full of life. She was taken away from a loving family and big group of close friends in April 2016 by cancer.

We wanted to raise money to stop anyone else losing someone special from cancer.

Myself and my friend robyn walked 100km from Winchester to Eastbourne in the first week of October 2016. To raise money and also entertain Nic wherever she is, watching the comedy of us getting lost and hungry in the South Downs.

Please do donate every penny makes a difference. Lets beat Cancer!

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Here is the Story in picture of 8 days of walking!

Day 1 – Winchester to Exton (12 mile)

Day 2 – Exton to Buriton (13 miles)

Day 3 – Buriton to Cocking (11 miles)

Day 4 – Cocking to Amberley (12 miles)

Day 5 – Amberley to Upper Beeding (13 miles)

Day 6 – Upper Beeding to Lewes (20 miles)

Day 7 – Lewes to Alfriston (13 miles)

Day 8 – Alfriston to Eastbourne (11 miles)