Book Review : Get your sh*t together

Get Your Sh*t together Book


Summary of what I have learnt from the work

Which one of the Alvin and the chipmunks?

I am a Simon “You keeps up appearances while dying from a thousand self-inflicted cuts. Being in demand, booked up and perennially under the gun does not equal winning. Busy little bees and perfectly productive overachievers. Just because you are doing a ton of shit all day, every day does not mean you have your shit together. Highly functioning human to-do list potentially off the verge of total mental and physical collapse.”

The book helps with prioritizing, setting boundaries, endings relationship, switching careers, maintaining their sanity.


What is the process?

Strategize : Set goals and make a plan to achieve that goal in series of small, manageable chunks. Plan of action designed to achieve a goal 🥅 

Focus : Set aside time to complete each chunk.

Commit : Do what you need to do to check off the chunks. Break it into small, manageable chunks which are then spread over time.


Keys 🔑 – ability to strategise – they unlock the next steps. Tailor your goal to YOU, How many hours per week you have, Small manageable chunks.

Phone – ability to focus – make those calls and mark that calendar. Schedule and set aside hour – schedule the step

Wallet – represents keys – real or metaphorical money where your money is to follow through on your plan. Remember it’s not only dollars that can represent action and commitment.

Don’t be a hero give yourself the time and space to do the shit that needs doing, to get you closer to your goal. 

You’re only good as the last step you took!

“Not sorry method getting rid of things that annoy you. Doesn’t have to be about aspiring to what you want to be so much as putting an end to what you don’t want to be. Until I focused on the negative I couldn’t find my way toward the positive. Channel your negative feelings into actions.”

“Stuff you have to deal with on a regular basis like being on time and not getting distracted and staying on top of your emails. Once you nail that down life becomes infinitely easier and more pleasant.”

Setting goals 

What is wrong with my life ?



Strategy = weight loss / fitness goal 

Focus = individual meals an fitness

Commitment = eating right stuff and moving the right body parts


  • Difference between and to do list and a must do list
  • Your goal is to solve the problem 
  • Prioritise and start with the most important one 
  • It’s ok to lower the bar and step realistic goals 
  • Time is key to getting your shit together
  • Most don’t know how long it take to do anything
  • Time yourself doing daily tasks
  • Not harm in padding time early is better than late
  • Strategy y how much time does x take? Focus if x is necessary task, schedule minutes to get it done. Schedule x only when u have y mins/hours
  • Time has 2 competing forces prioritisation and procrastination 

    Prioritization is the BFF of strategy 

  • Turn your do to list into a must do list 

  • The day looks much more approachable 

  • Migrate stuff onto the must do list tomorrow 

  • Make a to do list 

  • Prioritise based on urgency 

  • Move what has to be done today into must do list 

  • Do the stuff and save the rest tomorrow

  • Don’t mistakenly view all the items on your to do list as must do

  • You can get fuck overload from doing all your low priority things and none high OR you did things that weren’t on the list 

  • Try a procrastination journal of all the things you find yourself doing this week to procrastinate the shit you really have to do

  • Postpone action that are low priority

  • If there isn’t enough time time in the day prioritise 

  • Handle priorities then schedule them

  • Distance yourself from distraction 

  • Take evasive action e.g. Twitter checkers 


  • Work
  • Finance
  • Health 


  • Impulse control 
  • Sober decision
  • Giving the wizard a night off e.g. Decide out loud in front of someone “I will only have 3 drinks 
  • Get less emails 
  • Send fewer emails 
  • Don’t constantly reply
  • Use the phone 
  • Send better email just the facts 
  • Ask a leading question 
  • Establish urgency up front. 
  • Inbox zero 
  • Reserve time in calendar 
  • File or delete 
  • Give it its own time slot 
  • Key to time management and knowing what your regular volume really looks like 
  • Scheduling inbox cleaning 
  • Accountability can be highly motivating 

      Responsibility and relationship being and adult and acting like one

  • Maintain improve dissolve 
  • Missed connections 
  • The challenge is maintaining or improving the ones that are really important to you 
  • Be honest with yourself a dour whether this friendship IS worth it  
  • Being the best partner you can back and forth in perpetuity like a relationship relay 
  • Who can be nicer more helpful more loving on any given day 
  • Everyone wins 
  • It’s hard to stay mad at someone who spontaneously rubs your feet twice a week 
  • Goal happiness and harmony 
  • Strategise devise ways to make your significant other feel good 
  • Focus small kindness worked in every day is better than one big ah shit I’ve been ignoring you gift 
  • Commitment say word do deeds and when in doubt splurge in hugs 
  • Relationships need time and energy in order to thrive  put more of that time and energy into doing nice things for each other, and less on petty arguments and competitive sulking

Work and finance looking to get promoted look no further. Delegating, enjoying your time off and saving for retirement.

  • Ask what you have to do to get what you want 
  • Asking the boss to provide you with a clear strategy focus and commit 
  • Vacations 
  • Deal solely in the reality 
  • Delegating 
  • Stop asking for extra work 
  • Set boundaries and enforce them 
  • Disconnect completely from your work log e
  • Pensions 
  • It’s the timeframe 
  • Compound interest is essentially free money 
  • Reduce time spend on less important tasks 

Health, home and lifestyle staying hale and hearty so you can make it to retirement keeping your house clean after you clean it; benefits of hiring a pro to sort your house, carving out time for hobbies and creative pursuits 

  • How important is it to make you whole physical fitness happen 
  • Eat what you need to eat to function the way you need to function 
  • Don’t overdo it if you want your heart and liver to keep functions and enjoy life while your at it Everything in moderation 
  • Goal loss a stone by eating less 
  • Focus 3500 maintain weight extra 500 shave to loss a pound a week 10 weeks 
  • Commit don’t eat bad stuff 

       Cleaning living

  • Goal clean house but keep it clean for unexpected company, and your own sanity 
  • Strategise one time clean up 
  • Divide cleaning into categories tackle one or two at a time every couple of days 
  • Focus step aside time to complete mini goals 


  • Sometime s getting your shit together is about admitting you don’t have your shit together in a particular area 
  • Me time is a right not a privilege 
  • This book is all about decluttering your mind and training yourself to think differently about your life and how you live it 


  • Hobbies need to be as important as the other stuff you need to do 
  • Hobbies are rewards for getting shit done
  • Schedule it inlet yourself spend time on a hobby to remind yourself how much joy it brings you when in doubt don’t
  • Path toward achieving your creative goals lies between finding time and granting yourself permission to use it 
  • You can’t give of yourself to others it there is nothing left of yourself to give 

Happiness is a goal in and of itself 

  • Stop caring about what other people think of your life choices 
  • Accept that failure is an option
  • Holding perfection in your sights is a self defeating strategy 
  • Recognize the feeling of knowing that what you’re doing is unhealthy and untenable but also feeling powerless to hangs 
  • If your struggling to point that no combination of strategy focus and commitment can keep the sh*tstorm at bay it’s perfectly ok to bring in reinforcements.
  • Because big life changes are made in small manager chunks a little bit at a time 
  • You cannot finish something you never started