aside About me

Alice Daish (BSc (Hons), MSc) – Data Scientist passionate about everyone being able to use data for good to help make better decision.

Currently Senior Data Scientist at the LEGO.

Co-Founder of R-Ladies Global & R-Ladies Leadership team (Jul 2015-Sept 2018).

Previously Data Scientist at the British Museum, Microsoft MVP, RSci MRSB,

“1st Data Scientist in a Museum in the world”

“R is my best friend”

“I love to help people find value in their data helping them discover its value”

“I believe their are four skills of data science are communication & empathy, domain expertise, computer science and maths & statistics”


Data has the power to change the way we make decisions, think and live. Everyone is talking about data science and big data. It a very exciting time to be a data scientist. Data has the power to change the world we just have to listen to it.

I love data, R, datafication, data champions, data transformation leadership, upskilling, open source, gender diversity in stem, science and innovation.


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