DataCamp misconduct and terminated R course development

My “Tidyverse : start to finish” course developed of the last year and a half, which was ready for soft launch, will NOT be made available on DataCamp.

I terminated my contract due to DataCamp’s poor handling of sexual harrassment.

I personally was aware of the situation over a year ago when R-Ladies were in discussion with DataCamp about the ways they were handling sexual misconduct. Many many hours were spent by R-Ladies leadership team, R-Ladies course developers and course developers discussing ways forward and talking to DataCamp.  Due to my poor health, I stepped down from my R-Ladies leadership duties and was less aware of continued discussion until more recently.

The R community is a kind, open and welcoming community and I would not be where I am today without them. I cannot support any organisation who does not respect and value the people who make the R community so great including its employees. Only after a letter by 100 content creators of their concern [details in Noam and Julia post], DataCamp released “A note to our community” . Of which the note was impossible to google  due to zero-indexing and victim blaming. Sexual harassment and misconduct is serious and should be handled seriously to prevent it ever from happening and continuing to toxicify any community or organisation. The action by the DataCamp leadership team is unacceptable and there must be consequences. I stand with my fellow R community members and no longer support DataCamp and have terminated my content creator contract with them.

I echo my fellow R course developers, Noam Ross Julia Silge  and others who do alot better job at explaining how I feel.

As regards to my course, I am looking at alternative platforms to provide the course through and will post as soon as possible.

For a quick overview of the course; the objective was to provide an overview of the whole analysis steps covering the tidyverse model from start to finish including 7 tidyverse R packages (readr, readxl, tidyr, dplyr, sringr, ggplot2, broom) and creating a presentation of results using knitr and markdown.