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Best books 2020


  • How to raise successful people great book with a key message of TRICK – Trust Respect Independence Collaboration Kindness guide time raise awesome people.
  • Parenting the sh*t out of life – written by couple on the reality of having kids from both sides with all the highs and lows – funny and emotional

Smart thinking

  • You’re not listening – Really insightful read
  • Why we eat – really useful exploration into the world of eating


  • Bilingual brain – felt very Portuguese study specific but had some great insights into bilingual brains
  • Gendered brain – great history of the poor study assumption about women and real insight to the similarity and some difference of brains


  • Obama – always interesting g to know what makes a president the behind the scenes
  • Putin – interesting
  • Troy – lots of character can get lots but still useful book to know

Jan 2020 = 8,1


Indistractable πŸ‘‚

Unmumsy mum πŸ‘‚

The unmumsy mum A to Z πŸ‘‚

Expecting better πŸ“–

Unicorn project πŸ‘‚

Putin prisoner of power πŸ‘‚

Feb 2020 8,7

The positive birth book πŸ“–

The KG Hynobirthing book πŸ“–

Babies and Toddlers for men πŸ“–

The Positive breastfeeding book πŸ“–

Your baby, your birth πŸ‘‚

The happiest kids in the world πŸ“–

Fu*k no πŸ“–

Danish parenting guide πŸ“–

March 0


April 1,0

Fry’s afternoon delights πŸ‘‚

May 1,0

How to raise successful people πŸ‘‚

June 3,0

Tales of Beadle and bard πŸ‘‚

Parenting the shit out of life πŸ‘‚

Your not listening πŸ‘‚

July 2,0

Gendered brain πŸ‘‚

Why we eat πŸ‘‚

August 2,0

Trump πŸ‘‚

Why love matters πŸ‘‚

September 2,0

Can’t hurt this πŸ‘‚

Bilingual minds πŸ‘‚

October 1,0

Good vibes good life πŸ‘‚

November 1,0

Troy πŸ‘‚

December 2,0

Promised Land – Obama πŸ‘‚

You are a badass πŸ‘‚

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