LEGO alice’s adventures around the office

A fun LEGO build for our team was building ourselves out of a BRICKME LEGO set.


I made mine and left one Alice in Denmark and the other in the London office.

My kind collegues took it upon themselves to take LEGO alice on adventures changing her location randomly. Here is where she ended up of over the last year.

LEGO alice has been …

Alice in a bottle IMG_3947

Alice on a t. rex IMG_4110

Alice is iron man IMG_4111

Alice with the avengers IMG_4122

Alice as a tie fighter IMG_4124

Alice as the millenium falcon IMG_4166

Alice as BB8 IMG_4310

Alice in Ice Castle IMG_4336

Alice on the Batman Joker rollercoaster IMG_4475Alice in a Lorry Container IMG_4670(1)IMG_4671

Denmark Alice getting attacked by a dragon in the Hogwarts castle  IMG_5003

Alice hiding in an apartment building IMG_5148IMG_5149

Alice on a christmas carousel IMG_4994

Alice riding a honey badger IMG_5643