Books & recommendation of 2018 – 45 books

I love books! Mostly non-fiction, I think the waterstone book section is called “smart thinking” which I don’t know if I like or not. A lot of self-help as I would say challengers books ‘books to make you think’.

This year I more heavily went into audible as I can listen and work which helps drown out the open office space noise.

Please find below my recommendations and some not worth too much time books too.


  • 33 audibles 👂
  • 12 read 📖

Top recommendations

Very tough so I have categorised dependent on what you might be looking for

looking for a bit of self discovery

looking for a bit of science

looking for a bit of future thinking

looking for a bit of making our world a better place 


  • Why we sleep 📖 – FAB highly recommend very much worth the time 
  • We should all be feminist 📖 short book FAB



  • The joy of less 👂 – bit of a copy of Marie Kondo
  • Brick by brick 👂 – work research interesting 
  • 6 billion shoppers 👂- Really interesting if you want to understand global trends and patterns in markets 


  • Things you can only see if you calm down 👂- quick not too filling 
  • Guernsey potato peel pie literary group 👂 – good story
  • Bill Bryson applications 👂 – mmm not that great
  • Lean bible 👂- extensive didn’t finish it all 
  • Introvert doodles 📖 – AMAZING LOVE LOVE






  • Year of living danishly – uncovering the secrets of the happiest country 👂 – EXCELLENT book really insightful, charming and funny into Denmark, people and LEGO
  • Leap year 👂- Second book by Helen Russell from living danishly – EXCELLENT 
  • Stephen fry Victorian secrets 👂 – AMAZING love Stephen Fry and the Victorians history is truly weird and curious. (Only available on audible)
  • Dare to lead 👂 – OK 
  • The shortest history of Germany 📖 – GREAT really interesting journey through german but also the worth of Europe history and how entangled we are as Europeans. You don’t have to be into history to read this book
  • How women rise 👂 – mmm not as good as expected


  • Complete works of Sherlock Holmes 👂 – 72hours worth – It’s worth every minute truly a masterpiece of works and Stephen Fry narration is as ever amazing!
  • Thinking in Bets 👂 – quite good
  • The quants 👂 – quite good
  • Happiness – Nice summary


  • Atlas of happiness 👂 – LOVE Love the journey around the world – I learnt so many new things and phases. 
  • Run mummy run 👂 – Lovely to hear about a movement to help women 
  • The joy of doing nothing 📖 – Short and clean book about simplifying things 
  • Money : A user guide – 📖AMAZING BOOK – everyone needs to read
  • Goodbye 2018 Hello 2019 – 📖 Project love – gift from friend nice exercises to get you to think