My 1st year as Data Scientist @LEGO

My CV is yellow and purple it only made sense that I move to one of the most colourful fun companies I could imagine … LEGO. What more can I love LEGO and data!

Its been a awesome year of many different challenges, analysis, foundation setting of Data Science proceses and being flexible to change and the new. I can’t give many details of the actual work but I can give a rough experience of the events and experiences that shaped my first year.


March – My first day I travelled up the elevators to the office and was confronted with so much yellow, a huge LEGO Darth Vader, LEGO telephone box and my new manager in a skinny chair. The view was amazing 9 floors up over London with the view of St. Paul’s (my favourite monument). After getting my photo taken for me pass I settled into the flexible working environment. To top off the day I got a welcome LEGO set, I choose a LEGO aeroplane because I never got that set to myself (had to share with my twin brother), apparently I should have chosen the exclusive xmas gift which became a funny joke in the office for the other new starters.

Settling in – I had a lovely time settling in, getting the opportunity to play with my beloved R, ggplot and ggtheme. As one of the first new starters, there was three of us in the team and then grow by two new starters in April. I love getting thrown in the deep-end which was really useful to get a overview of the company which I really appreciated. The words of wisdom I was giving for joining LEGO was “There are load of super smart people at LEGO, over the early months you may feel a bit overwhelmed have a dip in confidence,  everyone goes through it but its super great to work here”. 

Getting branded – I am a little clumsy soo I decided to buy a LEGO phone cover for my work phone. SO MUCH FUN to decorate!


Building LEGO in the meeting so much fun!


April – My first trip to the home of LEGO in Billund, Denmark with the team was super fun. My first trip to Denmark included a trip to the innovation house behind the scenes and drum roll a visit to the employee shop – YAY!

So happy to buy my LEGO bag for the office as we don’t have our own desks.


I learned something new on a play training course including the fun of being given these bricks and then being asked to build a duck. Its amazing how many different ways we can build the same idea.


An awesome thing about working at LEGO is the LEGO in the meeting rooms and the community LEGO builds including the classic-post-it note saying “Resume from here :)”. So far we had the millenium falcon, burgatti and spidy house, and more awesome sets.

IMG_2897 (1)IMG_2897IMG_3475



My fab friends didn’t take too long before they wanted to visit the offices.

OMG I found a tiny LEGO bus! IMG_1476

My kind team sent a box of minifigures to our office so I could find a unicorn minifigure. The kind extended team helped opening up the packets to find me one – HOORAY! So kind!



OMG I got to stay in the LEGO hotel in the most hilarous room, friends theme which included a LEGO tree.

MUST visit the LEGO house in Billund so cool! SO MUCH LEGO!!! We did games and activites around the house as team building.

We also had a fun hackalon too with Hadley Wickham tutorial bringing together the awesome data R talent across LEGO.

Back in London I entered the London bi-monthly BAKE-OFF competition but my raspberry cupcakes didn’t make it to the office from the train/tube intake and I couldn’t compete with rainbow minifigure heads popcakes.



Celebrating pride … IMG_3346IMG_3349

The view of 100 years of RAF fly by…


IMG_1312 Super hot summer lunch breaks outside the office – bit busy but thats normal in london green space in summer.


LEGO play day super fun day of play super good fried chicken.

October 2018 

Moved from the 10th floor to the 3rd

Decided to dress up for Halloween as a unicorn – woop woop


December 2018

Managed to bring a bit of christmas cheer to the 3rd floor but adding xmas decorations.

As its a quiet time between christmas but I went into the office to find no-one there so I got to work on an analysis in the peace and quiet.


Team Secret Santa and I got some amazing unicorn socks.  IMG_4697

January 2019

OMG visited the LEGO moulding factory so cool to see how LEGO is made.


Feburary 2019

So much fun taking time on a Friday to watch the OMG special screening of the LEGO Movie 2 – AWESOME!!



Minifig friday – the best thing of fridays getting minifigures. My fav is the giraffe!



March 2019

I entered the LEGO baking competition and I WON!!!


Moved from the 3rd floor to the 11th

To finish off my year I got this amazing engraved brick and a number 1 looking forward to my next year.